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Nothing is All

Madhuros’s new album opens with a mystical keyboard chord that immediately invites us into that empty space within. As his poignant voice and guitar joins to a gentle backbeat, it’s easy to come back to that place where, as he sings, ‘Silence has his sound, Silence has his music, Invisible to your eyes, Nothing, nothing is all’. And from here it’s easy to surrender to these melodies. Ethereal yet present, mystical yet with melodies that touch and open hearts.
The arrangements, some by Bhakta, are a wonderful juxtaposition of East meets West, where western style chorus-style guitar chords are weaved with Eastern Bansuri Flute (played beautifully by Praful) and Santur (also played superbly by Ramdhan).

This is a CD with much to offer.
Listen to:
Nothing is All

See the White Swan

In Love And Silence

There are many beautiful songs inspired by that remarkable man and mystic called Osho. Some of his sannyasin musicians composed them over the years (I am one of them) and I have to admit that it wasn’t a hard job! I just had to allow myself to be receptive to the overwhelming light and love coming from the Master.

This is a compilation (from various composers) of some of the most beautiful one, including: I Just Close My Eyes / The Wind of The East / White Cloud, White Swan / Om Shanti........and more.
The songs are recorded and musically arranged in a way of enhancing their essence, that intimate magic atmosphere at the presence of the Master.

For the lovers of Madhuro´s heartful singing this is a treat.

Listen to:
When I look into the Night (Track 3)

The Wind of the East
(Track 2)

Come l'Acqua
Songs for a peaceful heart

madhuro come l'acqua
Beautiful heartful songs, light and full of stars and softness.
Madhuro Italian voice creates a summer evening on the beach, somewhere in the South.
Music like flowing water, sparkling with the moonlight….
This music is a very special company for your peaceful moments, you can listen it over and over again.

It’s a collection of nine, very soft and spacious songs, they are all original and six are composed by Madhuro.
Very interesting is the use of instruments, like Sarod, Sitar and Fretless Guitar, all played by Lucyan and the Bansuri Flute played by Lee Buddle.
“ The Guest I Love” (by Hamido Kardell), the song that opens the album, has beautiful lyrics based on a poem of the enlightened mystic Kabir and is supported by a sophisticated ambient music arrangement.
“In The Darkest Night” and “All The Birds Fly Home” (by Manu Bazzano) were composed many years ago at the presence of the master Osho and they certainly carry that flavour, finding also a new life in the latest arrangements.
This recording has been a very intense and ambitious project, founded and supported by the Department of Culture and Arts of Western Australia and it wishes to bring relaxation and peacefulness to the heart of people.

Listen to:
All The Birds Fly Home (Track 9)
In The Darkest Night (Track 4)
The Guest I Love (Track 1)

I keep on loving you

Songs to the beloved from the intimacy of your heart This CD is not only a very touching and inspired collection of songs, as Madhuro says "I realised after the album was printed that it expresses what a lot of people "on the path" feel and long for, that's also why it became so popular". "I keep on loving you" (composed by Arjun Muccioli e Madhuro) is probably one of the most beautiful expressions of the feeings experienced in the master/disciple relationship.

On the same album there are songs such as "I just close my eyes" which I describe, without exaggeration, as a haiku. It is sincerely coming from a moment of silence beyond the mind. It would take ages to describe all the songs on this CD. They are all beautiful and unique. It is a nice present for your lover.

Listen to:
I keep on Loving You
(Track 1)
I Just Close My Eyes (Track 7)
Up In The Blue Sky (Track 8)

Sweet emptiness:

Is dedicated to what I would call "enjoying your aloneness". The subtle musical atmosphere in this new collection of songs makes you dive into your inner sky. Maneesha, from the Osho Times, says "What I appreciate most about Madhuro's new CD is that he shifts from the heart to the being, to consciousness, to "sweet emptiness". If his first CD was dedicated to the master-disciple relationship, the second one is another step in evolution - to the maturity of one who accepts his aloneness and emptiness. Not only accepts it - that word whiffs of resignation, but actually celebrates it.

Listen To:

There's A Moon In The Sky (Track 2)

Night Ecstasy (Track 6)
Music of Silence (Track 9)