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love notes
Songs of love and silence


To describe Madhuro's music we need to cross the boundaries of musical style definitions, as it draws inspiration from different sources. The main feel of the songs, is the heartful and peaceful atmosphere, created by the warm and silky voice of Madhuro, and from the poetic lyrics describing the journey into the being. Essential to the atmosphere are the very spacious ambient, musical arrangements and the choice of the sounds, the mixture of synth. and acoustic instruments like: bagpipe, flugel horn, Indian flute, clay pot. They are very effective in giving a variety of colours and an element of surprise. Asked how he creates his songs, he says: "the lyrics are usually based on my own experiences, alone, in a good space and/or after meditating. Sometimes when I am composing, the melody comes first, sometimes the lyrics, or often I start from an inspiring chord."

The lyrics are like zen poems,communicating the essence of moments of silence and beauty in few words:"it is difficult to talk about those moments with someone,yet with music it's easier and gives me the opportunity of sharing with many people"